No stranger to music, Evon is a born soul seeker that uses her vocal talent to arouse a passion for purposeful living. As the first artist released under Green Light Productions, her message of prosperity in light of adversity is a concept that deeply affects her soulful musical journey. Growing up in choir stands and school chorus allowed Evon to become familiar with the stage at an early age and absorb the energy and dedication it takes to make a living soundtrack. Growing up on Gospel, Country, Old Soul, R&B and Soft Rock was organic and allowed her to experiment with smooth vocals and classic undertones of these genres effortlessly. She breathes tranquility into each note allowing peaceful living to be reintroduced to her listener with ease and inspiration. Poetic without being preachy, the listener is let in on a private journey of self discovery while her various stations in life as a Single mother, diagnosed with Mental Illness Diagnoses: PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder, Refined Food Addict and Overeater in Recovery, Advocate, Activist, Educator, and Artist, seep through each vibrant note.

Born in Alexandria, VA, Evon’s early musical palette was seasoned with tunes from Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway, Sam Cook and Al Green, but her first love was gospel music, while her parents fancied country, exposing her to a wide range of acoustic and harmonic variance early on. Bruce Hornsby and the Range became one of her favorites. In 1996, Evon was exposed to Washington DC’s music and open-mic poetry scene, bringing a shift to her exposure while allowing her to perform in small intimate venues and gain notice in the culture climate of the city. In 2009 Green Light Productions became a natural outlet for
Evon’s music- the company’s theme of balanced living and the title track, “Inside of Me” compliments this motto with lines such as, “never could have imagined it was it right inside of me” that captures the journey of finding a sense of peace, balance and freedom within oneself.

Evon’s music has the ability to wrap you in its subtleties with vocals that translate into warm hues, transplanting the listener to a place of inner peace and easy listening. Not just music for a superficial feel good, Evon strives to make the quality and message of her music reflective of her personal mission to grow wholly and fully in spite of life’s difficulties.

Her style and presence provoke the listener to move into a place that is home to good grooves and slow head nods. On stage with poets, dancers, hip hop artists, and even Go-Go bands, Evon grabs hold to the magic that makes a room full of first time listeners recite lines as though they were personal mantras. The rhythm, the timbre and pitch that produces the uniform and synchronous vibrations of Evon’s voice is the perfect component to the peaceful place that exists within each of us. Have you experienced Evon today?

Goddessey – The Mixtape: Vol. 1 – Herstory

Rest In Power King Dilla
Rest In Power King Dilla

Goddessey – The EP – Vol. 1: Intentional

Rest In Power Ms. Xela

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